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The wedding season is here. Now, although there is always a lot of love in the air, it is always accompanied by chaos of the eleventh hour! Even with months and months of preparation, brides and grooms around the world feel nervous nervousness as the big day approaches. This can be a very daunting experience for many as they embark on a new journey. To facilitate your last-minute career and make it a smooth experience, Weddingz.in Bring 5 items to the checklist that you must mark on your to-do list during your wedding week.

Assignment of a professional contact point or bell in their support systems

When it comes to weddings, friends, relatives and other guests have many questions to ask, especially as the big day approaches. For a girlfriend and boyfriend who are already busy with bigger planning details, this can be quite overwhelming, especially just before the big day. To avoid this, it is better for each side to assign a contact point on the site to answer any questions related to the wedding. It can be a friend or a professional planner, who can efficiently resolve field inquiries.

Confirmations In addition to finalizing the guest list, this is one of the most important things to keep in mind, to avoid any confusion, lack of communication or last minute crisis on the wedding day. Be sure to look for confirmations from all of your suppliers and vendors for D-Day, which include: location, transportation, catering, photographers, cameramen, entertainment experts, decoration and makeup artists. Even if you have a professional planner in charge, it is recommended to be aware of these essential aspects before avoiding playing a cat and mouse game on your big day.


The next big step after getting confirmation is the payments. You must ensure that all of your providers and providers are paid on time for their services. The best thing you can do is verify your contracts and prepare envelopes in advance, to ensure timely payment, along with a receipt for each payment made. For those couples who wish to thank the sellers for their exceptional services, it is also recommended to prepare envelopes with their advice in advance.

Final accessories and clothing

While both the bride and groom would have undergone multiple adjustments from the beginning, to look their best on their big day, it is recommended to opt for a final adjustment before the grand ceremony, so that last modifications can be made minute care of. Also, have all your clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup in place along with replacement options, so that your grooming process is perfect.

Table and itinerary plan

For an effective and timely execution of the ceremony followed by the reception, an itinerary is essential. It is like an organized schedule of each ceremony and function on the big day, usually attended by the wedding planner to ensure that nothing is delayed or narrowed. In addition, a table plan is also recommended for each meal that follows a ceremony, as this helps to seat the guests immediately, especially for those with an extensive list of guests. Be sure to coordinate with the planner for the same implementation without problems and to create special moments in the middle of the celebration.

The most important advice for the bride, the groom and their families is to sleep well at night so they are well rested and full of energy to make the wedding day truly memorable!