The third referee, not the officials in the field, does not call the front legs in the India-West Indies series: ICC

DUBAI Front foot without balls In the next T20I and One-Day International series between India and the West Indies it will be decided by the third referee and not by the officials in the field, the International Cricket Council ( ICC ) announced on Thursday.

The series, which comprises three International T20s and an equal number of ODI, starts Friday in Hyderabad and the technology to call the front foot will not be tested.

Throughout the trial, the Third Umpire will be responsible for monitoring every ball bowled and identifying whether there has been any front foot infringement, the ICC said in a statement.

If there has been a violation in the front foot, the Third Referee will notify the Referee in the field, who will later call no ball. As a result, the Referee in the field will not call a front foot without a ball. the third refereeā€™s advice, he added.

The ICC said the benefit of doubt in close calls will lie with the bowler.

... and if a late no ball call is communicated, then the On-Field Umpire will rescind a dismissal (if applicable) and call no ball. The On-Field Umpire will remain responsible for other in-game decisions in the usual way, the ICC said.

The test results will be used to assess whether the system has a beneficial impact on the accuracy of non-ball decisions and if it can be implemented while minimizing the interruption in the flow of the game, he added.

In August of this year the decision was made to make the third referee not the judge of the front foot without balls.

The system was first tested in the ODI series between England and Pakistan in 2016.

The ICC decided to test it again after its Cricket Committee recommended its use in as many limited-overs matches as possible.