Art exhibition showing the linguistic diversity of the country organized in Jaipur

Jawahar Kala Kendra In collaboration with the National Center of Arts Indira Gandhi is organizing an international exhibition of paintings Celebrating Indian languages ​​- The learning curve. The exhibition was opened by Dr. B.D. Kalla, Minister of Art and Culture, Government of Rajasthan. Also present on the occasion were D.B Gupta, chief secretary of the Government of Rajasthan. On the occasion, BD Kalla He said the exhibition is an inspiration for the new generation to understand that, regardless of the language we speak, we are all the same. DB Gupta said that in the exhibition international artists created yoga paintings using local languages ​​such as Punjabi, Malayali, among others to take their work forward, showing that the world is really one.

art exhibition (L-R) DB Gupta, chief secretary, Government of Rajasthan, BD Kalla, minister of art and culture, Government of Rajasthan, Kiran Soni Gupt and Sudhir Mathur at the exhibition

‘Celebrating Indian Languages ​​-The Learning Curve’ is a curated exhibition of around 100 artists from all over India and abroad, showing the linguistic diversity of the country. The exhibition tries to unravel the hidden power of the Indian scripts distributed in 4 main linguistic families: Dravidian, Indo-Aryan, Austro-Asian and Burmese Tibetan. It also shows the unity in diversity, vibrant colors, different ways of seeing things and multifaceted views of our nation through this beautiful work of art by artists. India has a great linguistic diversity with many languages ​​and dialects. The exhibition is an attempt to present this diversity through works of art by international and national artists, said Kiran Soni Gupta, curator of the exhibition. The exhibition will be open until December 24.