Krishnakoli Update, December 4: Shyama and Ashoke disguise themselves to fool Aditya

In the last episode of Krishnakoli Ashoke asks Shyama to prepare. They have a plan to reach an agreement with Aditya disguised as a financier. Shyama and Ashoke decide to inform Nikhil about their plan. After talking with Shyama, Nikhil asks him to stay focused while he won't let anyone know about his absence.

Arun and Aditya are on their way to meet the financer. Arun tells that he has done background research on the lady whom they are meeting tonight. Aditya worries about the deal while Arun consoles him. Arun tells that he is with him going against his father and younger brothers.

Meanwhile, Shyama dresses as a non-Bengali woman while Ashoke disguises herself as an ally.

Aditya and Ashoke wait for the meeting. Suddenly, Aditya asks Arun to call up Radha to know the whereabouts of Shyama-Ashoke. Rukmini answers the call. Aditya takes the mobile phone from Arun and asks Rukmini to have a check on Shyama and Ashoke.

Rukmini knocks at the door of Nikhil-Shyama’s bedroom. She demands to meet Shyama. Nikhil tells that Shyama is asleep but Rukmini seems to be determined. Sujata comes and asks Rukmini not to bother Shyama-Nikhil. Basanta, who is aware of the fact that Shyama and Ashoke are outside the home to trick Aditya, asks Rukmini to let the family live peacefully. This irks Rukmini and she reminds that the home doesn’t belong to Chowdhury family anymore.

On the other hand, Shyama meets Aditya and Arun. She introduces herself as Sabita Devi, a rich businesswoman while Ashoke says he is Sabita’s secretary cum right hand Banwari. Aditya asks Sabita to lift her veil which leaves Shyama worried but she manages the situation somehow.

Rukmini realizes that Shyama isn’t at home and that’s why they aren’t allowing her inside the room. Rukmini threatens to share the information with Aditya. Sujata, who isn't aware of Adity's true color, gets surprised seeing his sudden interest in Shyama.