M Padmakumar: Baahubali is an epic fantasy, while 'Mamangam' is about real events

SS Rajamouli established a benchmark with his epic Baahubali franchise and since then period dramas are often compared. With fans waiting anxiously Mammography protagonist 'Mamangam', there is already talk of comparisons.

Defending the same, director of 'Mamangam' M Padmakumar He said: Baahubali is a fantasy story, it is rather a fiction. Our 'Mamangam' is about real events that happened years ago, it's about history. He also added that screenwriter Shankar Ramakrishnan has approached the script realistically, since they are viewing true incidents.

'Mamangam' revolves around the Mamankam Festival and its brave warriors. Mammography essays the bravest warrior in the history of the festival. Unni Mukundan and Achuthan also play warriors. Prachi has been cornered as the protagonist. The film's technical team includes Manoj Pillai as director of photography, M Jayachandran as composer, Sham Kaushal as director of action and Raja Mohammed as editor.