Pushing Syrian ground forces into rebel enclave

BEIRUT: Syrian Pro-government Media Saying Troops Have Pushed Their Way In A Rebel -hero Enclave In Het Noordwesten, Botsen Met Opstandelingen En Verbreding Van A Offensief Dat Tot Nu Toe Vooral Vliegtuigbombardementen En Beschietingen Met Zich Meebracht.

The Central Military Media said Wednesday that government forces entered Kfar Nabudah, A Rebel Village On The Southwestern Edge Of The Enclave . Established In Great Britain Syrian Human Rights Observatory Ground Operation, With Which Was Started. Rebel groups reported the clashes and A detonated by their fighters.

In Recent Times, Government Troops Have Been Bombarded Rebel Held Areas In The Northwest Syria , as A cease-fire in place since September appears to have all but collapsed. Government forces seized A village and A strategic hill on Monday.