More than 220 corrupt employees, including 96 senior officials, retired prematurely: Government

NEW DELHI: More than 220 have been delivered, including 96 senior officials, in the last five years, it was reported Thursday.

During the period from July 2014 to October 2019, provisions of the Fundamental Rules or FR 56 (j) were invoked against a total number of 96 officers of Group 'A' and 126 officers of Group 'B' (a total of 222) from different ministries and departments, minister of state for staff Jitendra Singh He said in a written response.

FR 56 (j) grants the absolute right to the government to withdraw government officials prematurely for lack of integrity and inefficiency, in the public interest.

The provisions under FR 56 (j) also to ensure improved efficiency in government, he said.