Vadinamma update, December 4: Sailu's plan fails

In the last episode of Vadinamma, Sailu refuses to join Raghu, Sita and others for the boat ride. She demands Laxman to pick a separate boat for them. He tries to convince Sailu but she stays adamant and further sulks about Sita for ruining their honeymoon. He agrees to the same and when Raghu is about to give them a separate boat, Sita objects to it adding that Sailu is scared of water. In the flashback, Sailu gives an excuse to Sita that she is scared of water just to avoid fetching water from the well while doing the dishes. Siri used to do the job instead of her.

Sailu regrets giving such an excuse which is now ruining her plan to have a romantic ride with her husband. Finally, Sita and Raghu accompany Sailu and Laxman on the ride while Siri and Bharat get a private ride for themselves. Sailu hates the ride while the rest enjoy it.

Soon after the ride, Nani suggests them to go on a bicycle ride. Sailu yet again refuses to join them for the ride. As per her demand, Laxman picks a bicycle and the two are off on a ride. Siri demands Raghu and Sita to join them. Bharat appreciates Siri for such a thought.

Sita feels shy to ride along with Raghu while he tries to encourage her adding that she has sacrificed a lot over the years and this is finally the time to forget everything and enjoy. Sita says she has always found happiness in sharing responsibilities with him.

The episode ends with Siri having hiccups during the trip.