‘Bornoporichoy’ and ‘Gotro’ will be released on television soon

The last month of the year will bring a lot of entertainment for Bengali viewers. Along with the launch of new fiction and non-fiction programs, two Bengali films will soon be released for their world premiere on television.

director Mainak Bhaumik The movie ' Bornoporichoy ’And the director of Shiboprosad Mukherjee-Nandita Roy‘ Gotro ’Will be aired this month. Both the films have a gripping story. ‘Bornoporichoy’, starring Jisshu Sengupta, Open Chatterjee and Priyanka Sarkar , is a thriller. The storyline is all about the cat and mouse game between cop Dhananjay (played by Jisshu) and criminal Arka (played by Abir). They have several face-offs but every time, Arka manages to escape. A determined Dhananjay meets him for the final showdown.

‘Gotro’, on the other hand, deals with multiple issues. The cast includes Nigel Akkara , Manali Manisha Dey, Anashua Majumdar, Badshah Moitra, Kharaj Mukherjee Bhattacharya Ambarish, Saheb Chatterjee . Nigel played the role of a convicted criminal (Tareq) who tries to start over. He starts working as the caretaker of Mukti Debi, his son lives abroad. The story takes a new turn when Mukti develops a maternal affection for Tareq. The film also deals with social issues.

Along with these two films, daily soaps ‘Ki Kore Bolbo Tomaye’ and ‘Bagh Bondi Khela’ will be launched soon. ‘Ki Kore Bolbo Tomaye’ will be a passionate love story starring Swastika Dutta, Krushal Ahuja and Rahul Dev Bose. Rubel Das and Ishani das starrer, ‘Bagh Bondi Khela’ will narrate the story of a weretiger.