Choti Sardarni update, December 4: Meher promises to save Sarab

In the last episode of Choti Sardarni , Param asks Kulwant why was there a garland on Meher 's photo? Kulwant scolds Param and says that his father Sarab killed his Meher mumma Harleen defends Sarab and says that he can never kill Meher. Kulwant accuses him and says that his brother is a murderer.

Goon calls someone and informs them that Meher is being deported to India. Officers take Meher with them and everyone protests against Sarab.

Harleen gets upset and says that they cannot do this without any proof. Sarab's lawyer gets tensed as he is not ready to speak for himself. He wishes Meher to come to court to save Sarabj from getting punished. Ravi says that he will not allow Meher to come to the airport. He calls his goons and tells them to kill Meher as she comes out of the airport.

Meher reaches the airport. On the other side, Kulwant tells her lawyer that she wants Sarab behind the bars. Sarab is brought to the police station and Kulwant starts hitting him. Meher sees an officer waiting for her and she hugs him. Sarab gets worried seeing Param crying. Meher calls Param and informs him that she will come tomorrow. She promises Param that she will not let anything happen to his father Sarab.