P Chidambaram in Rajya Sabha after his release on bail

NEW DELHI: Congress leader P, who was released from Tihar prison on bail after 106 days in custody in the money laundering case of INX Media, was present at Rajya Sabha on Thursday.

Chidambaram, who left jail Wednesday night, joined other congressional parliamentarians expressing his protest against the sharp price increase and said he was happy to return.

The government cannot repress my voice in Parliament, Deputy Rajya Sabha told reporters in the Parliament complex before the proceedings of the Upper House.

When the former minister of finance of the Union entered the Upper House to attend the proceedings, he was received by colleagues from the party. Ghulam Nabi Azad and, while Trinamool Congress leader Derek O'Brien greeted him saying: Welcome, sir.

Chidambaram returned the greetings and sat in his usual seat in the second row of the opposition bank next to Sharma. He requested the scheduled issues from the staff and examined them carefully until the documents were deposited in the Chamber.

The leader of the Congress was seen listening carefully to the proceedings until the Chamber was closed until noon, as the President rejected the members to raise issues that were not included in the Zero Hour.

The Supreme Court granted him bail in the case of INX Media, saying that the statements of the Directorate of Execution that could manipulate the evidence cannot be accepted to the letter, since it was neither in political power nor occupied No position in the government.

The main court has restricted the 74-year-old leader, whether giving interviews to the media or any public comment regarding the case with respect to him or another defendant.