Kundali Bhagya update, December 4 update: Srishty doubts that Karan has burned the hall to stop Preeta's wedding

The episode of Kundali Bhagya beings with Karan and Rishabh entering the house. Their mother asks them about their whereabouts. Rishabh lies that Karan was with him in a meeting. She then asks Karan to prepare for his engagement with Mahira, which is scheduled to happen in the later part of the day. Karan agrees and goes to his room.

Srishty goes to a medical store with Sammy to buy medicines for Sarla. She tells him that she suspects Karan of burning the Kumkum Bhagya living room. She explains that he still loves Preeta and can't see her with anyone else. To clear this suspicion, Sammy calls Karan to ask where is he. He says that he is at home and Sammy thinks that since Karan is at home, he has no relation with this incident.

On the other hand, Prithvi regains his consciousness and is surprised not to see himself in the mandap. He talks to his mother and she tells him about the fire. Prithvi blames Sherlyn, but his mother tells him that he is not Sherlyn and believes that he is only cooking stories.

Karan is in his room thinking about how Preeta should come and stop his engagement. in the same way he stopped her wedding. Sammy enters the room and informs him about the fire that took place at Kumkum Bhagya hall due to which Prithvi and Preeta 's wedding was stalled.

Karan pretends as if he knows nothing and tells him that he is happy about getting engaged to Mahira. Karan still has the same ring that he once gave Preeta. Let's see if Karan goes ahead with the engagement or will Preeta come and stall this event.