Parmabrata's strong message against the cast division will surely inspire you

Several recipes depending on the breed may seem strange to a foreigner, perhaps regressive, but strict social stratification remains a harsh reality in India, along with inflexible rules that continue to evolve over the millennia taking into account the foods that They consume several groups. Like the caste system itself, the food rules propose informal coding and classification of Indians in different social strata, with infinite gradations from top to bottom of the food chain.

It is certainly something strange, but it still exists in some parts of India. That's what bothers Chatterjee parambrata who has always been vocal in social issues. Scroll down in your social media timeline and you will see how actively the actor-director expresses his opinions.

Recently, Parambrata turned to his Twitter account to thank his parents for not making him too aware of his Brahmin identity. I eat onion , Garlic , meat, fish, I love my weekly vegetarian day, shukto 'is my favorite vegetarian dish, imagine! I am Bengali! My parents refused to make me aware of my brahmin identity, so I never thought of considering myself superior. Thank you, Baba&ma,”wrotetheversatileactor.

ieatonion,garlic,meat,fish,ilovemyweeklyvegetarianday,shukto’ is my favourite vegetarian dish, go figur… - parambrata (@paramspeak) 1575523598000 “Also, I have hoards of friends who DON’T eat onion , Garlic meat or fish. Neither have they made me feel inferior, nor have I made them feel less privileged, ever! And that’s the way to be, in my humble opinion,” he further wrote and his post became viral within a moment as fans and followers echoed the same sentiment.

Interestingly, the previous recipes for the dishes of a specific breed used to be transmitted without problems, because several generations lived together in large families. But today, when young Indians leave their homes to study or work, this oral tradition began to weaken.

On the work front, Parambrata will be seen next in Sayantan Ghosal directed ‘Sagardwipey Jawker Dhan ’That will be released on December 6.