The Tiger Woods brand remains bullish

ALBANY (BAHAMAS): Tiger Woods 'the imprint goes much further Golf . He is not only the greatest Golf er of his generation but also a walking brand without any parallel in the sporting world.

Its value as a global brand was reflected in what Hero MotoCorp President Pawan Munjal He said in an interaction with the media here on Tuesday.

Asked what kind of a springboard it has been for Hero while associating with the iconic Golf er and the Tiger Woods Foundation Munjal said: Hero has definitely benefited from the Tiger brand and the partnership with the TGR Foundation. We have globalized as a company in recent years. The world did not know Hero. India met us because Hero is very big in India. But the name associated with Tiger, we have instant recognition in many of the markets where we have gone with our products.

Munjal, who has known Tiger closely, added: I've also been saying this in the past, Hero is now known and recognized in many, many countries around the world where we don't even have plans to take our motorcycles too, but it's the partnership with Tiger what is giving us recognition.