Kumar Sanu's son, Jaan, will make his reproduction debut

The king of the 90's tune, Kumar Sanu, is proud of his son's accomplishments. After a couple of singles, Jaan Kumar Sanu He is ready for the release of his first debut song, Shorger Chaabi, in the Bengali film, Roktomukhi Neela. The film stars Indrani Haldar, Rajesh Sharma and Sabyasachi Mishra in the lead. It’s an action thriller with elements of romance and a few light moments for the audience. Jaan Kumar Sanu is understandably excited to be able to complete his debut playback song - all the more because Rajesh Roshan You have scored the music for the film. “It was amazing to be a part of this venture. It’s a dream come true to realize that I got to work with the legendary Raju uncle (Rajesh Roshan), who gave my dad one of his career’s biggest song, Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye. I learned so much when we recorded our song and worked on the project together. He is like an institute for Bollywood the music and every minute I spend with him is worth learning for any musician, Jaan said.

The song is a foot-tapping number that has Sabyasachi Mishra grooving to it and is sure to be on the Bengali movie-going audience’s song list, feels Jaan. “Basically, the lead in the film runs into sudden money And a lot of it. So, he claims that he is his Shorger Chaabi and is extremely happy with the development. It plays a vital role in the film because the film revolves around the power of money, said Jaan, who is in Kolkata to attend the film's release.