Ananya Panday: I've had a good amount of relationships

She is in the car, on her way to another promotional event for her next movie, ' Pati Patni Aur Woh ', and it sounds tired. To increase his problems, he has a sore throat, which he admits shyly due to his own imprudence. “Sunday was a cheat day and I went overboard. I am allergic to tea, rice and potatoes, and it choked me. ”

However, the two movie actress is excited to be in the remake of a movie she saw with her mother and grandmother. The latter is a great admirer of Sanjeev Kumar and watches his films religiously. Even then, I had laughed out loud in almost every scene, remember, admitting that I saw him again after signing the modern version. However, he was surprised when he approached him to play the woh because he looked more like the patni. Even my friends agree on that because of my sweet and soft image, he says.

However, when he read the script, he realized that Tapasya Singh was not the typical vampire or icebreaker, but a safe and hardworking girl who is in a difficult situation. The challenge attracted me to her, she reports, making the first call to Papa Chunky after the narration. His comic moment is impeccable and I hope I inherited that gene, crosses his fingers.

'Pati Patni Aur Woh' is a comic take on extra-marital relationships. What advice would Ananya give Tapasya? “I'll tell her to not interfere in someone’s relationship. If that person wanted to be with you, they would not keep you hanging. So, what’s the point of hurting everyone around you, ”the actress sermonises.

Remind her that we live in the time of Tinder, where connections are part of our culture and promiscuity of the name of the game, and she rushes to defend her generation. “If you want to be loyal, you will be loyal, no matter what. Relationships have changed a lot, but it's still about two people, Ananya reasons, sounding wiser than her 21 years. Where does this maturity come from? “I am a romantic person, I love being in love. I am in love with the idea of ​​love. I have had a good amount of relationships.

It is normal and one should not judge me for that because at school you have many short and short relationships, you know. I started working from a young age and I have matured a lot in the last year.

Are you currently in a relationship? The actress laughs: I can't tell you everything. Where is the fun in that? . When you say that her response implies that something is cooking, she mutters: My life is already so public that I want to keep some things private. So what happens if you are in a relationship with someone like Kartik Aaryan Is it Chintu Tyagi? Ananya pauses and asks if you mean Kartik, the person or his character. When you clarify, she proceeds. It's okay to be attracted to other people, but not to the point where your partner feels uncomfortable. I can never deal with a boyfriend or husband like Chintu Tyagi. I am very loyal and I expect the same, he says. And what about Kartik, the person? “Now everyone knows I was in love with him. I used to think he's cute, now that I've worked with him, I think he's cuter. He is a lovely person and we have a lot of fun when we are together, she says.

Most newbies would not want to debut with a project of two heroines and Ananya has followed 'Student of the year 2' with another. “Imagine losing movies because I'm waiting for a solo actress project. Even if there are five actresses and I have a five-minute role that has an impact, I will assume it, he says. If she could choose, who would be her Fantastic Five? It would be great if someone made a female version of ' Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 'or' Dil Chahta Hai 'with Suhana Khan, Shanaya Kapoor and me, ”he exclaims and points out that Shanaya has worked as an assistant director with Karan Johar The production house and hopes to be launched as an actress while Suhana is in New York finishing her course. I'm also excited to see it on the big screen.

Ananya's daughter and Shah Rukh Khan were in the same school and theater club and even went to the New York Film Academy. “Once we did The Tempest for the function of the Annual Day of our school. Suhana played the lead role while I was one of the background characters. It was fun! The three of us used to play many acting games and movie contests, ”he recalls. A meeting, long ago he had promised in an interview on his birthday. “I told so many people about the trip to the United States that I cheated on him. Now, I plan to go to Dubai, ”he reveals.

Although far from her childhood friends, Ananya has a friend in her sister, Rysa. She is in that awkward adolescent phase in which she does not approach me, but publishes things about my film on social networks, asking her friends to see her. In fact, 'Student of the Year' was one of the few Hindi movies I had seen and was more excited than me for the sequel. In my screening of 'SOTY2', we had to reserve two rows for her friends, ”he laughs.

Does rysa have Bollywood dreams too? Ananya's voice is filled with pride when she says: I don't know about acting, but she is also very creative and good at sports. And do you plan to return to college for another stage as a student? I am getting a lot of practical experience working in movies and since this is what I want to pursue, I don't see the point, he reasons, saying for now, he is happy to work on 'Khaali Peeli' that allows her to be the night bird she is. “I can stay up until 8 in the morning instead of getting up early. Also, most of my friends are in the USA. UU. And in this way I can connect with them at the right time, ”he laughs. So, despite the hectic schedule and sore throat, Ms. Panday is in a happy space