Hrithik Roshan flattered to be voted the sexiest Asian man of the decade

Hrithik Roshan He doesn't need a presentation since the superstar has been entertaining the audience with his stellar performances and his good looks for a long time with the celluloid. The niche to get into the skin of his character and, at the same time, show his brilliance as an actor is what makes the superstar distinguish himself from others.

While Hrithik is still enjoying the success of his latest high-octane action movie released, a UK poll named him the sexiest Asian man of 2019, as well as the last decade in London. With a successful career in the ticket office In 2019, Hrithik won a double victory, as he also topped the overall ranking for the past 10 years.

Speaking about the achievement to PTI, he said: I would like to thank everyone who feels it and has voted for me; I'm flattered. Only the appearance of a person is not relevant in the broader scheme of things. I don't judge people by the way they look. Similarly, I do not judge myself by the way I look, since he stressed that I did not see it as an achievement.

In addition, he added: What is attractive in a person is his story, his journey and the way that person has dealt with situations in his own life. Finding a certain way for my characters is only part of my job, which requires a lot of effort and hard work.

Just behind Hrithik was the 'Kabir Singh' actor Shahid kapoor while television actor Vivian Dsena grabbed third place. Hrithik co-star Tiger shroff He also made his debut in the top 10 by securing fourth place.