Ke Apon Ke By update, December 4: Breakdown of family members learning the medical status of Sarthak

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , family members are worried about the Sarthak. The doctor examines Sarthak and asks him to rest. Itu takes it up.

The doctor asks questions to Joba and Param about Sarthak’s medical history. Suddenly, Palakn reminds that Sarthak inhaled poisonous gas during bidding. Joba shares the incident with the doctor how Tandra tried to kill him. But the doctor suggests it might not be the reason behind Sarthak’s illness.

Meanwhile, the head of the company where Sarthak was about to join, also arrives. She shows concern about Sarthak’s health. The doctor asks whether anyone from the family has some blood-related disorder.

Koel shares that he was diagnosed with some rare blood-related problems, after which he underwent a bone marrow transplant. Joba tells they decided to have another child (Kuhu) for the bone marrow transplant since Sarthak wasn’t able to donate. Upon enquiry, the doctor learns how another doctor had suggested Sarthak can’t donate his bone marrow due to some complication.

The family members realize that Sarthak might have the similar disease just like Koel. Joba and Param break down. Lata starts crying. Amiya boosts their willpower. Mitti, who is also standing there, gets curious after learning Sarthak ’s medical state.

On the other hand, Itu talks to Sarthak, who is worried about his new job.

Unable to bear the trauma, Koel shouts out taking Sarthak ’s name. The latter listens to Koel’s voice and gets worried.