Wipro launches cyber defense center in Melbourne, Australia

New Delhi, December 5 () Wipro Ltd main software announced on Thursday the launch of its cyber defense center in Melbourne, Australia.

The Indian IT giant also has plans to create more such centers in other cities in Australia, which will offer resistance and digital protection to large government organizations.

Wipro Limited ... announced the launch of its NextGen Cyber ​​Defense Center (CDC) in Melbourne, Australia, the company said in a statement to the BSE.

With the launch of this center, Wipro aims to make substantial investments to improve its employees, hire more local resources and generate more than 100 jobs in Melbourne for cybersecurity specialists.

According to the Cybersecurity Status Report 2019 recently published by Wipro (in which 10 percent of global organizations surveyed were from Australia), 55 percent of respondents noted that digital blockages due to ransomware attacks are their main cyber risk.

The global default rate, that is, the number of stolen records per second has increased to 232 records per second from the average of 88 records/second from the previous year, the company said.

In the same report, only 25 percent of respondents said they are conducting security assessments in each compilation cycle before sending applications to the Internet.

The cyber defense center is the first local shared security operations center for Wipro in Australia and will provide customers with the ability to rapidly expand capacity and execute their security operations in accordance with local data requirements.

The Wipro NextGen Security Operations Center will help customers actively manage their cyber risks by leveraging managed services around threat intelligence, security monitoring and analysis, vulnerability management, incident response and regulatory compliance, he said. The company's shares were listed at Rs 243.80 each in the BSE. SID MKJ