Everything you need to know about Borunbabur Bondhu

Anik Dutta is next ‘ Borunbabur Bondhu Protagonist Soumitra Chatterjee which was recently selected as the opening movie of the Bengali Panorama in 25 Kolkata International Film Festival Everything is ready for its theatrical premiere.

Based on the story of Ramapada Chowdhury, Chhad, the film revolves around an octogenarian, played by Soumitra, who has somehow isolated himself from society and his immediate family, except a close friend who visits him regularly and his grandson. Soon others also begin to avoid it, since it is quite distant, lonely and sometimes abrasive.

The character of Soumitra da cannot adapt to the things that surround him, although he is very modern in his thinking and perspective and sees many regressive things. But suddenly something happens when an old friend appears and Borun becomes very important to everyone. He doesn't like this sudden attention and the story continues from there, he explains Anik Dutta whose last film Bhabishyater Bhoot was marred by controversy.

Produced by Surinder Films, the film also stars Arpita Chatterjee, Ritwick Chakraborty , Madhabi Mukherjee Paran Bandyopadhyay, Sreelekha Mitra, Kaushik Sen and Bidipta Chakraborty among others.