How Parambrata evolved as an actor

An actor who loves to wear different hats, that's what Chatterjee parambrata is about. He directs a small production unit, directs films but is a bit demanding with his projects maintaining a decent gap between the management jobs. While his latest director 'Shonar Pahar' turned out to be one of the most moving Bengali films last year, at the same time, actor Parambrata is in high demand in Tollywood, Bangladesh and even in Bollywood.

We ask the actor-director how the acting process for him has evolved over the years and Parambrata quickly says he doesn't like to think too much while taking on an acting task.

“With age, maturity and experience, I have learned that it is not always very feasible to think too much. In the case of the characters in which you really want to sink your teeth, you intellectualize it and then it is important to unlearn it completely and simply do your own things. I used to over-intellectualize things ... because I am probably an intellectual-minded person. If you overintellectualize, then you begin to develop preconceived notions about the character and how that session will happen.

Ultimately, you will go there as an actor. You can't really dictate all those things. Borojor tumi ekta poramorsho ditey paro. Think about it ... but go there like a clean slate. Your board also has to learn to absorb the comments of others. As an actor, you may not like it, but then Kichhu Korar Nei. That person is the director, you must trust him at the end of the day. I finally feel that it's about going there and doing it, explained Parambrata, which will be seen below in ‘ Sagardwipey Jawker Dhan 'Also starring Koel Mallick and Gaurav Chakrabarty to the head.