The technician in Bangalore orders pizza and loses Rs 95,000

BENGALURU: All I wanted was a pizza on a Sunday afternoon. But little did NV Shaik, a technology expert, know that he would fall prey to online scammers.

Around 3:30 p.m. On December 1, Shaik, a resident of Koramangala 1st Block, opened a food delivery application and ordered a pizza. But when the order did not arrive, even after an hour, it conducted a Google search of the application's customer service number and dialed. In two hours, Shaik lost Rs 95,000 from his bank account.

Shaik, 33, has filed a complaint with the Madiwala police in search of actions against scammers who stripped him of his salary and savings.

“When I called them, they told me they were not taking pizza orders and that they would return the money. They told me they would send me a link and that I would have to enter the details to get a faster refund, Shaik said.

Without realizing that he was talking to a scammer disguised as a customer service executive, Shaik did what he was told. Within minutes, Rs 45,000 was deducted from your HDFC account. And even before he could transfer the remaining money to another account (Andhra Bank), another 50,000 had left.

As the only cyber crime police station in the city did not complain, Shaik approached the Madiwala police and filed a case. “Once I opened the link, they asked me for the amount that should be reimbursed. They also asked me for my PhonePe username. I provided both and I have no idea how the money was deducted from my account. The alleged representative spoke in Hindi and English, ”Shaik told TOI.

Shaik, who received his salary on November 29, lost everything in two days. My mother is not well and was saving money for her treatment, she said. Shaik has details of the account to which his money was directed and has been asking the police to identify the culprits.

Madiwala police said they have registered a case and are investigating. Meanwhile, police sources said they are increasingly receiving cases of various malicious programs, including Mazar BOT, which are implemented in smartphones through links related to refunds sent to users.