Direct help line: Ludhiana police officers receive 3,000 calls, some from Kerala

LUDHIANA: So far, city residents have received more than 3,000 calls to Ludhiana police women helpline numbers asking about facilities to leave their homes at night, including many from outside Ludhiana and Punjab, some from as far away as UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, and Kerala

The two numbers on the Ludhiana police helpline, 1091 and 7832018555, have gone viral on Twitter and Facebook. According to the information, not only women, but also families are calling the helpline to learn about the process of taking home their daughters who work late at night. Some women even called to complain about their husbands and brothers. Police Commissioner Rakesh Agarwal said that on Wednesday, the police even left a woman at his home and told the callers at the station that this number was only for free trips for Ludhiana's women.

In view of the murder and murder case of Hyderabad, where a woman was caught by four defendants and then burned alive when her scooter was punctured, the city police decided to take this initiative. Under this initiative, the two helpline numbers were provided in which women can call to reach their destination between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., if they don't have any means of transportation. The nearby PCR or SHO vehicle would be sent immediately to leave women at their destination, at no cost.

Police Commissioner Rakesh Agarwal said: “So far we have received around 3,000 calls from city residents. Mainly, they are calling out of curiosity and to verify if it is really working. But I would also thank the residents for calling us to learn about the process. We are at your disposal, and women can call without hesitation to be taken at night. We also have many people who call from outside the state, since the numbers have become viral on social networks, including Twitter and Facebook.

According to a police officer who answers calls on the helpline, more than women, parents are calling the helpline to learn about the process. She said: “Most of the calls are from parents who say their daughters work late at night. They also request the process to obtain transportation, and how they would leave their daughters at home and who would accompany them. The rest of the calls are to confirm if the numbers really work.


This facility is for those women who leave late at night and have no mode of transportation. Women have to call 1091 or 7837018555 help lines. The call operator will ask for the location, after which the nearby PCR car or the SHO vehicle will be sent to the location to leave them at their destination. These facilities will be available between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.


The city police also launched the Shakti application, where with the click of the button, women can seek police help. The Shakti application has SOS features, and with a button click, 10 of your contacts are updated on your location with an SOS help message, and the location is immediately shared with the nearest PCR.