Indori Poha loses his pyaaz, mooli makes the cut

INDORE: For Indo-Indians, it's nothing less than sacrilege. Poha, the staple food for which Indo-Swear swears, is served without toppings, since radish becomes the new garnish.

And while they make their daily breakfast stop at the Poha-Jalebi post in the neighborhood, Indo-Peruvians are discovering that everything that shines white is not pyaaz.

With the sale of onions at Rs 80-100 per kilo, roadside sellers and large hotels find it difficult to sprinkle it on top of the steaming poha while they remain within budget. Then the cheap and humble mooli is the savior. A disappointed devotee of poha said: At least, they have not yet begun to cook poha with mooli. The famous poha is one of the contenders for the geographical indication along with laung sev, khatta meetha namkeen and sikanji. The basic element of the decades has experienced a twist in flavor, thanks to onion prices.

Poha prices have not changed even if the taste

Anchal Kartoliya, a student said: “I was surprised to see radishes chopped in the poha. I did not like the spin, but I ate it anyway because I am a lover of poha and I take it almost daily for breakfast.

Another student, Amulya Prakash, said: This combination is new, but I didn't care because for me the most important thing is that prices have not changed. Yes, nothing can replace onions in poha and I hope it remains a temporary phase. ”

With the supply of onions declining and competition equally fierce, small restaurants and restaurants on the road are reluctant to convey tears to customers. Poha sells for Rs 10-Rs 15 per dish in the city. The restaurant owner, Prakash Rathore, said: “More than 90% of restaurants have replaced onions with radishes in poha. It's not easy to suddenly raise the prices of a single product. ”

Rohit Kewat, a poha seller in Old Palasia, said: “At such high prices, it is not possible to garnish poha with onion. I am still selling a plate for 10 rupees because there are five other poha stalls in this section. Regular customers sometimes get the privilege of frequent dining rooms, if requested.