1,500 downloads of child pornography in a week in Tamil Nadu

CHENNAI: At least 1,500 people across the state downloaded material over a period of about a week in November, said M. Ravi, additional general director of the police on crime against women and children.

The data was found by a team of ethical piracy volunteers identified by the state police wing and a private agency.

The team tracked the Internet Protocol (IP) address of those who downloaded the obscene videos.

We are planning to take strong action against those who downloaded the obscene videos and sent them to others through WhatsApp or shared them on social networks, the senior officer said.

People of all age groups believe that they cannot be tracked if they use dark web or activate virtual private network (VPN) on their mobile or portable devices, the official said.

We have an exclusive cyber lab and we have identified some ethical piracy volunteers that would help us track and track suspects, he said.

The police also plan to judge these cases filed against these providers or downloaders of child pornography material in the fast track court and will receive a conviction based on digital evidence with the help of the IP address.

The police have advised people not to entertain those who circulate or receive these pornography content.

The official said that the Hyderabad incident would not have occurred since the departments involved were raising awareness and training girls and women in martial arts for self-defense in colleges and schools.

A woman was caught and killed near the outer ring road in Shamshabad, on the outskirts of Hyderabad. His charred body was found near the city of Shadnagar on the Hyderabad-Bengaluru road.

The officer urged girls and women to use Kavalan, a mobile phone application launched by Tamil Nadu police, for their personal safety.

If a girl does not have time to press the panic button provided in the application, she must try to move the phone three times, which will send a message to the control room of the nearby police and the police will arrive at the place to rescue the victim immediately, Ravi said.

The application automatically identifies the victim's police jurisdiction based on location and sends an SOS to the respective police station and patrol vehicle.