Kolkata: Cabby calls the disabled woman, cancels the trip; she publishes a video of FB to tell the terrible experience

KOLKATA: According to reports, a person with knee problems was denied a trip in an application taxi in the city, where the driver apparently told him that he would not allow an individual to board the taxi. Indignant, the woman, who sometimes has to depend on wheelchairs for her ailment but is not physically disabled, turned to social networks, where she related her terrible experience and wondered if the city was losing its original solidarity attitude.

Once it was published, the officers of the Bidhannagar commission began an investigation of suo motu, although the woman refused to file a complaint, stating that she said everything. Bidhannagar police also decided to publish a local police officer at the terminal's outpost to address those complaints. That officer can file a complaint immediately, an IPS officer said in the airport area.

The woman arrived in Calcutta from Delhi at 7.15 p. M. On Tuesday and asked for a wheelchair with an assistant. She booked a Uber taxi to After a delay and the driver apparently remained incommunicado, when the taxi finally arrived, the taxi driver did not open the door. He lowered the window and said he had canceled his reservation, he said in his Facebook video. He said the driver told him that she was physically disabled, which is not the case, and that it was a sufficient reason not to let her get into the taxi. In close combat, he sprained his ankle and could barely avoid falling when he raised his staff to protest.

The woman sought help from a Bidhannagar police officer, but allegedly told her to visit the police station because repairing taxi refusals was not her job. She also allegedly questioned why her family let her travel alone.

Tired and humiliated, the woman decided to take a prepaid taxi, but more problems awaited her. He was charged Rs 420 for his trip, but the driver allegedly kept telling how he could expect to get to Kakulia Road by paying so little. The teasing apparently continued until the end of the trip.

The woman later wrote a post on Facebook, thanking all who stood by her. She also mentioned that Uber contacted her, apologized and assured her of action against the driver. “The reason I posted the video was surely not to gain footage. It is not always right to blame governments. The laws being in place need implementation. Surely Kolkata Police could have looked into the case ... Possibly an iota of kindness could have helped ... ”she wrote.

Uber told TOI they contacted the woman and was investigating the incident. “We are committed to passengers’ safety, ”said a spokesperson.

Bidhannagar police said they were gathering details. “We contacted her on WhatsApp. But she said she didn't want to file a formal complaint. We are investigating the case from all angles, ”said an officer at the Salt Lake headquarters.

Kolkata police said they told him to contact Bidhannagar police. “We gave you the exact contacts online. If the situation required our immediate attention, we would surely have done so, ”said an officer from Lalbazar.