Bigg Boss 13: Has Paras Chhabra been kicked out of the program? Shehnaz admits that she is in love with him.

The next episode of Bigg Boss 13 It will be full of great twists and turns. During the task of the BB train, according to the rules, Mahira was out of the task but For Chhabra , who was the sanchalak of this game, took the name of Shefali Jariwala for being out. The housemates were offended by this behavior and tried to talk to Paras, but he said that he is the sanchalak of this game and that he can make decisions according to his choice. This leaves everyone furious with anger. Rashami Desai gets off the train and breaks the Paras board, which had his name written on it.

For those not versed, since Paras has an injured finger, Captain Sidharth Shukla I was playing in his name. The contestants decided to destroy everyone's name and, as usual, this task will also be suspended. The task was to decide the captain for next week. In the midst of all this chaos, Arti singh got a major injury on her finger and she kept saying that she broke it. Sidharth Shukla blamed Asim Riaz for this and I fought with him for Arti.

Seeing all this ruckus, Bigg Boss ordered them to stop the task and next what the promo showed For Chhabra bidding goodbye to everyone. Paras hugged everyone and with a smile on his face was seen leaving the house. Sidharth Shukla , who was playing as a team with Paras, was visibly upset with this decision.

Paras fans on social networks are also upset, but there are some who said they will recover and that one should not go through the promotion.

Shehnaz Gill , who has often said on the show that she has a soft corner for Paras was seen crying like a baby. She tells Arti singh , "I love him."

Going by the promo, it is clearly evident that Bigg Boss has asked For Chhabra to leave the house but is it for real? This will only be revealed in Thursday's (December 5) episode.