Bigg Boss 13: Did Sidharth Shukla play fair as captain? Fans give their verdict

Since then Sidharth Shukla It became the captain's house, some went against him and also boycotted his captaincy.

He was unanimously chosen as the captain of the big boss 13 house by the housemates. This decision came after big boss removed Himanshi Khurana from the position of captain due to bending a few rules as the captain of the house.

But shortly after becoming the captain, the housemates felt that Sidharth was unfair in their decisions. Asim, Rashami, Arti, Himanshi, Shefali decide to boycott their captaincy. They felt that Sidharth did not punish Bhau when he made a mistake.

There were many cases where housemates decided to go against the Sidharth captaincy and called it unfair. led a poll asking fans if they feel Sidharth Shukla played fair or not as a captain. You will be surprised to know that it is a 50:50 situation. Take a look at the poll result:

sid captain poll

The comments in the post have fans saying that Sidharth is playing fair as a captain.

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Rashami, Arhaan, Shefali, Asim and even the new Shefali Bagga jokers, Madhurima Tuli He also considered that the whole house is suffering the loss of basic ration items due to Sidharth's incompetence as captain.