Bigg Boss Kannada Update 7, Day 53: Bhoomi Shetty breaks the rules; pay penalty

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7, Bigg Boss continues the 'Houdu Swamy' task and asks the housemates if they want to see Chandana replicating a doll The housemates respond affirmatively.

Following Bigg Boss's orders, Chandana gets dressed like a doll and entertains the inmates. She behaves like a typical doll and looked quite convincing too.

Bigg Boss later announces an activity to the contestants, in which they are asked to fill a bucket of insects with the water provided using the glasses of different sizes.

The team, which manages to fill two liters of water, was first announced as the winner. The Bhajarani team completes the task first and emerges as the winner of the activity. As a reward, they get the advantage of disqualifying a competitor from their opposing team for the next task.

The winning team chooses Kishen's name and reports the same to Bigg Boss.

Later in the kitchen, Vasuki congratulates Chaithra Kottoor for trying to join the housemates. Chaithra tells her that she has always been like that. Vasuki regrets congratulating her and leaves the place.

Bigg Boss announces the next stage of the luxury budget task as 'Beegadaaata'. Depending on the task, contestants are asked to solve an equation to open a locked lock inside a cage installed in the garden area. They are asked to climb the ladder to find the equation and the lock.

The 'Mihai' team wins the task by solving the equation soon. Chandhan Glory bags to finish the task.

While the task was coming to an end, Bigg Boss deducted 800 luxury budget points when Bhoomi spoke with one of the crew members, who was sent by Bigg Boss to change the lock.

As Bhoomi breaks the rules, Bigg Boss asks housemates to deliver all the dishes and bowls inside the house. Some of the inmates are very upset with Bhoomi.

Bigg Boss announces the final task of the day as 'oggatu pettige'. According to this task, housemates are asked to balance several boxes together without letting them fall.

Contestants prepare for homework. Deepika and Shine are seen doing homework strategies. The task continues until the next morning. Finally, in the end, the Bhajrangi team emerges as the winners.