Jake Kasdan: In this 'Jumanji' movie, the whole cast is back, but everyone plays something different

Jake Kasdan, the man in charge of the 'Jumanji' franchise, has grown up watching the magic of the movies. His father, Lawrence Kasdan, has written some of the highest grossing films of all time, including 'The Empire Strikes Back' and 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'. So, a fantastic adventure movie is, of course, where it shines the most. “I grew up in movies like this. It was absolutely my favorite kind of movie while growing up. And 'Jumanji' is made up of many of the movies I grew up watching, ”he tells us. As he prepares to take the audience back to the amazing world of Jumanji Jake tells us what led to the sequel and the exciting new adventures that await.

Walls have been torn down inside Jumanji

The first 'Jumanji' film became a worldwide phenomenon, and it couldn’t have been a bigger surprise for Jake. “What happened with 'Jumanji: welcome to the Jungle 'It was exciting and surprising and a bit, the phrase has been used too much, but it was a dream come true. It is not something you even admit to waiting. So making a sequel to a successful movie is a harder task than making a new movie? “I think when you do it for the first time, you have no idea where it will go. And that is your own pressure. And then, when you do the second one, you hope to be able to do a good job and make people happy the second time, says Jake, and adds: So it was very important for me to try to come up with new ideas and new ways to make it fresh and not just trying to repeat exactly what we had done the first time.

Elaborating on the idea behind the sequel, Jake says, “The opportunity we had left at the end of the first movie is that the game is broken. That means when they (the four main characters from the first film) go back, anything could have happened. I always thought of it as walls have been torn down inside Jumanji and suddenly we are going to be able to expand into entirely new parts of the world that we have never seen before. ”

 Jumanji  Poster New characters on Jumanji journey

The new movie sees new characters, new adventures and new terrain. “When we got back to this, we knew we had to expand what we were doing. In great ways, in ways you could really see immediately. And part of that was changing what everyone was doing. It was also important that we expand the world physically, that we did not live completely in the jungle all the time. Then the landscape has expanded. It provides all kinds of new opportunities for action, for animals and the part of visual effects. We spent part of the movie in the dessert, we spent part of the movie in the jungle, we spent part of the movie in the snowy mountains. And all those places came with different textures and different types of emotion.

The movie sees the avatars played Dwayne johnson , Kevin Hart and Jack Black in a completely different light as they are being inhabited by different players. “Something that we can do with these 'Jumanji' movies, that I think no one else can do, is that you have the whole cast back together, but everyone is playing something different. And when we zeroed in on that, we realized that there was endless opportunity and the adventure can be entirely new again. ”

The movie trailer introduces fans to two new characters, played by Hollywood legends Danny Glover and Danny DeVito . “What I really wanted to see was some characters at completely different point in their lives go on the same journey as the kids we had seen in the first movie go on. And that led us to the characters that Danny and Danny play, who find themselves accidentally sucked into this game and go on this adventure that they didn’t realise they need to go on.”


The game looks a lot like life.

The idea of a child accidentally finding his/her way to an alternative world is a storyline that has withstood the test of time. Even in an era as rational as the one we live in, how does it still manage to sell so effortlessly? “It’s a classic story. One of the things that I have always been drawn to is movies, they have that fantastical transformative journey. It's a comedy, it's an adventure. What if you can have this fantastical adventure that you didn't know was possible, and it challenges you and changes you – there's a lot of power in that.”

Jake adds that the game of Jumanji gives some important life lessons as well. “The game doesn’t stay the same. And in that way, it’s a lot like life. You are trying to figure out who you are and trying to be your best self and what you want to do with your one life. These are all things that we are trying to figure out forever.” In the movies, the arrogant jock is put in diminutive, flailing avatars, while the hesitant, not-so-confident ones get the leadership roles. “The power of these Jumanji stories come from this game that finds people who need it and shows them something that they need to see. And for different characters, it is different things. And I think that in this particular movie, this idea of finding and remembering the value of your team and the people around you is one of the big ideas we are looking at,” says Jake. So if he were to be a character in the movie which one would he be, the cocky guy or the not-so-sure guy? “I will probably be the not-so-sure guy. As I think you can probably tell (laughs)!” TNN