Musharraf says he is ready to record his statement in a case of high treason

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan The former general military ruler Pervez Musharraf He has expressed his willingness to register his statement after a special court that tried him for high treason had set December 5 as the deadline for him to appear before him.

The video statement, recorded from a hospital bed, came a day after Musharraf was transferred to a medical center in Dubai , complaining about his health. “In my opinion, the case (of treason) against me is unfounded. I have gone beyond the call of duty to the country. I have fought wars. I served the country for 10 years. That is why I consider that the case is unfounded. I consider it unfair and the prerequisite of justice is not being met, said the former dictator.

“The commission can come here and listen to me. You should see how my health is and then decide. That commission, with my lawyer, must be heard in court, ”he said. The former president also expressed the hope of obtaining justice in the case of high treason.

On his health, the former president said his condition was very bad. I have been visiting the hospital regularly. This morning too, I felt dizzy and fainting. I had to be admitted to the hospital later, ”he said.

The special court ruled on November 19 that it would announce its verdict on November 28.

Days ahead of the verdict, the incumbent Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government had come to Musharraf’s aid and had filed a petition in the Islamabad HC seeks to defer the announcement of the verdict in the case.

Following the government’s petition, the Islamabad HC had stopped the special court from issuing the verdict and directed the government to form a new prosecution team for the case by December 5.

Last Thursday, the special court had granted Musharraf time until December 5 to register his statement, but said he was not required to follow the superior court's order against the announcement of the verdict.