Shruti Naidu distributes medical kits to the forest guards of Bandipur

Producer Shruti Naidu , who has Kannada TV series and the movie Premier Padmini for your credit, celebrate birthday today. On her special day, Shruti believes in contributing positively to society, especially to those in need. “I believe in giving back to people, as I am grateful for the support I have received from them for my professional endeavours. This year, my birthday coincides with a wildlife campaign that I am working on, across seven forests in the state. The campaign’s aim is to sensitise those living near forest areas about the critical role the wild plays in maintaining an ecological equilibrium. At the Bandipur Tiger Reserve, I met forest guards, who often do not have immediate medical attention at their disposal. I handed out medical kits to 52 anti-poaching camps at the reserve. I hope this helps them when they need it the most,” she shares.