The sale of MK-45 weapons will improve India's ability to face threats: Pentagon

WASHINGTON: On Wednesday he said that the proposed sale of MK-45 naval weapons to India will improve the country's ability to face current and future threats.

Last month, the Trump administration notified the US Congress. UU. Its determination to sell up to 13 MK-45 5-inch/62-gauge naval weapons (MOD 4) and related equipment to India at an estimated cost of $ 1.0210 billion.

In a federal notification, the Department of Defense said the United States accepted India's request to buy up to 13 MK-45 5-inch/62-caliber naval weapons (MOD 4) and 3,500 D349, 5?/54 MK 92 MOD shells 1 Ammo

The main contractor for this is BAE Systems Land and Armaments, Minneapolis, with weapons manufacturing in Louisville, Kentucky.

The proposed sale will improve India's ability to face current and future threats from enemy weapons systems, the notification said.

The MK-45 weapons system will provide the ability to carry out anti-surface war and air defense missions while improving interoperability with the US. UU. And other allied forces, according to the notification.

India will use the enhanced capacity as a deterrent to regional threats and to strengthen its defense of the homeland, he said.

According to the notification, it has been determined that India can provide substantially the same degree of protection for sensitive technology that is launched as the United States government.

The other countries that have been sold with MOD 4 naval weapons so far are Australia, Japan and South Korea. The one that was given to Thailand is an improved MOD 4 version. The United States has also decided to sell them to some other allies and friends, including Britain and Canada.