Godrej will work in AC that consume 80% less energy

Mumbai Godrej Appliances is developing air conditioners that will consume up to 80% less energy than those of the current market by combining the conventional steam compression system, evaporative cooling and solar energy.

“The demand for ACs has not dropped this year though the slowdown affected sales of products like washing machines. ACs are growing at over 30%, as customers are see it as a necessity as the heat goes up, ”said Godrej Appliances business head&evpkamalnandi,addingthatthedemandforcoolingenergyincreasesto50%ofthetotalduringthepeaksummer.

The administration cited an independent investigation showing that the country's cooling energy demand will grow more than 2 times by 2027 and that the number of AC in Indian homes will increase to one billion by 2050 from 6.5 million today.

The company has developed a concept as part of a global million-dollar challenge organized by the Indian government and the Rocky Mountain Institute of the USA. UU. To find a solution to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning rooms by 80%, without letting its price and increase in size by more than 1.5x. The 80% reduction in consumption is expected to slow the global temperature rise by 0.5 degrees Celsius.

The company has a small team marked in its Pune R&D center to work on the concept. “If everything goes well, the product will take approximately 2 years to reach the production stage. The challenges are quite difficult, we hope to reach 85-90% of the objectives, ”said Nandi.

Godrej Appliances is the only Indian brand among the 8 finalists of ‘ Global Cooling Award , Which received more than 1,000 applications from 31 countries. The winning innovation, to be announced in November 2020, will win a prize of $ 1 million.