Shoojit Sircar to Bollywood: check your ethics before giving a lecture

Mumbai, filmmaker Shoojit Sircar has suggested the Bollywood the fraternity needs to correct its streak of duality and verify its cinematic ethics before giving morality lectures to the rest of the world.

Bollywood pahle hum to sudhar jaye ... phir gyaan of duniya ko ... naitikta (morality) per gyan ya protest zaroor karein lekin sath me pahle apna filmy ethics chk karo..pahle hum apne duality ko sudhare, the ' Piku 'helmer published in Twitter .

However, it is not too clear if Sircar was taking a jibe at any particular Bollywood personality in his cryptic tweet.

Lately, Bollywood celebrities have been passing comments on several incidents that have affected our lives as a society, the latest being the gangrape and murder of a veterinary doctor in Hyderabad.

Internet users, however, have loved Sircar's comment and praised it.

One user wrote: Finally someone said it, congratulations to @ShoojitSircar.

Another commented: Thank you for being honest sir

Another commented comment: Brave. Very few have guts to pronounce them.

One user was at his sarcastic best: Meanwhile some Bollywood people asking about 'Naitikta' to each other, 'Is this the new girl in that item number?'