House panel consults Twitter about abusive content of women

NEW DELHI: A parliamentary panel on women's empowerment has sought a report on how it deals with abusive content and the procedures involved in removing such content from the site. The parliamentary position, chaired by BJP, met on Tuesday with the main representatives of the microblogging site to discuss concerns related to cybersecurity, especially with regard to women.

The panel, which has 20 women parliamentarians as members, sought an action report in cases where the content seen as an assault on the dignity of women and their security was eliminated, sources said.

When appearing before the Committee, representatives from Twitter India made a presentation to inform members of the action they had taken to address cases of cyber bullying and harassment of women. They also informed panel members about the latest developments in technology to ensure cybersecurity and women's safety.

They also shared the facilities available on the site to report and verify the harassment. The ministries of home development and women and children have contacted representatives of social media platforms to verify abusive content.

When amendments were made to the Law on the Protection of Children against Sexual Offenses in Parliament in July, one of the critical changes related to the incorporation of the growing online abuse children face.