Adjustment of the law will probably fight the lynching of the mafia

NEW DELHI: The government has established a committee to suggest the necessary amendments to the Criminal Code of India (IPC) and the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) to deal with certain crimes such as lynching the mafia and has begun a consultation process with the states.

Responding to a question in Rajya Sabha, Interior Minister Amit Shah said he has written to all ministers and chief governors to send recommendations on how to make changes after consultations with investigators and prosecutors.

“Under the Police Research and Development Office, a committee was established to make changes to the IPC and the CrPC. We will start working on the amendments after receiving the committee's recommendations, ”said the minister. He said the government will take into account the orders of the Supreme Court when making any changes.

On the issue of lynching, the Minister of State for the home, Nityanand Rai, said there is no separate definition for such incidents under the IPC.

Lynching incidents can be treated in Sections 300 and 302 of the IPC. Rai cited that the offense under Section 302 (murder) attracts the maximum punishment of death or life imprisonment in addition to the fine. He said murder is a recognizable crime, not danceable and not cumulative.

In a written response, Rai also said that a group of ministers was formed to deliberate on a law to specifically handle lynching cases and make recommendations. In response to another question about the state of laws passed by two states, Manipur and Rajasthan, to curb the lynching of the mafia, Rai said they are reserved for the central agreement.

When a member of the PRC sought to know the ideological reasons for the increase in the lynching of the mafia, the president of RS, Venkaiah Naidu, said: “Should any community be excluded from the operation of this Law? Why do you bring community to this?