Germany expels two employees from the Russian embassy for the murder of Berlin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel The government expelled two employees from the Russian embassy in response to what it says is a lack of cooperation by Moscow in the investigation of a Georgian man in a park in the city of Berlin.

The decision of the German Foreign Ministry came after Germany's federal prosecutor said on Wednesday that there is sufficient evidence that the Chechen ethnic victim was killed by order of an agency of the Russian Federation or the Chechen Republic. We haven't seen that Russia He has offered support in the investigation of this murder, Merkel told reporters after a NATO summit in England. The German leader said he discussed the matter with the allies at the meeting.

The case could complicate Merkel’s delicate relationship with Russia n President Vladimir Putin. She said she’ll discuss the matter with Putin in Paris on December 9, when they’ll meet to seek a path to peace in easter n Ukraine .

Those efforts may now be overshadowed by the fresh tensions. “We consider the statements from the Germans about the expulsion of two employees of the Russia n embassy in Berlin to be groundless and unfriendly,” the Russia n foreign ministry said, according to . “We won’t accept a politicised approach to the investigation. We are forced to carry out retaliatory measures.”

The hit-job in Berlin took place in broad daylight on August 23. The victim is thought to have fought against the Russia n army in Chechnya. The suspected gunman, a Russia n citizen, was apprehended soon after but refused to talk to investigators. Germany’s federal prosecutor says he was taken off a Russia n wanted list in 2014 for murder and later reappeared with a new passport. They also said he was employed by a company with links to the Russia n defence ministry.