Pichai will bring new ideas to Alphabet

By Nandan Nilekani

I met for the first time Sundar Pichai in 2013 together with Larry Page and others when I visited Mountain View (Google headquarters). Even then I was very impressed. He had a very calm behavior and was very humble. What I liked about him and Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) is that they both use their work lightly. They are not big ego boys. That is the kind of leadership that is required in today's technological world, where many people are very talented and, often, temperamental, and you need to take them all. Sundar has done an excellent job about it.

I even had a talk by the fireplace with him in front of the employees. Then I was with UIDAI and he wanted me to talk about Aadhaar with Google employees. He is also a very good product architect. He is betting strongly on artificial intelligence.

Sundar is also very pro-India and has invested heavily in India. The creation of Google Pay, the initiative of the next million users, etc., show the great momentum in India. He will be a very good CEO of Alphabet. Over the years, Alphabet has acquired a very diverse portfolio: autonomous cars, GoogleX, Verily (health research and disease prevention), Calico (research on longevity, life expansion). It will take stock of this entire range and rationalize it in some way. You will benefit from a new pair of eyes, a new thought. It is a wonderful opportunity.

(Nandan Nilekani, co-founder and president of Infosys, spoke with TOI)