Update from Choti Sardarni, December 3: Meher surrenders to the Serbian police

The last episode of Choti Sardarni start with the indian lady giving money to Meher and asking him to go to the trunk and call whoever he wants.

Harleen he meets a lawyer and asks him to save Sarab at any cost. The lawyer asks Harleen that he didn’t understand why did Sarab buy a house in Serbia. Dolly interrupts and says that maybe Meher is having an affair with someone and Sarab might have thought about settling Meher and her boyfriend.

The lawyer tells Harleen that Dolly ’s story has some weight and if they prove to the court the same then they might be able to save Sarab .

Meher makes a phone call at Sarab’s house. Robbie picks up the phone and hears Meher saying that she is alive. Robbie gets scared and starts pretending that he is not able to hear her because of network issues.

Robbie again calls those goons and tells them that Meher is still alive and asks them to note the address.

Those goons again find Meher and tries to kill her. But before they could catch hold of Meher, the police comes there. Meher thinks that she will have to do something so that the government deports her back to India.

Throw a ball at the police and immediately give up.

The lawyer asks Sarab to sign the papers. When Sarab was reading it, the lawyer tells him that he has written in the papers that Meher is a girl with no morals. This angers Sarab and he asks him how he could think of something so cheap about Meher.

Meher requests the official to send her back to India. He tells Meher that he is helping her because even he is from Punjab.