My dream was to improve computer science: Pichai

Excerpts from Sundar Pichai Interviews with TOI


About his leadership on Google, as he deals with internal cultural issues, hearings of the US Congress. UU. And antitrust cases

As a leader, when I encounter situations, I always see each of those learning moments. Through all these moments, I look to see if we are trying our best to improve. As a technology company, we have always approached our work responsibly. But more than ever before, it is important to step back and approach it with a greater sense of deliberation. We need to focus deeply on the benefits for the user, whether it is privacy and security for our users or developing technologies such as AI.


About what I wanted to do after IIT Kharagpur

I was very interested in being part of Silicon Valley and working to improve computers and improve computer science. That was always my dream. So, somehow, it has been a dream come true.

On how it feels to be the CEO of Google and run the company from Silicon Valley

It is (Silicon Valley) a place where ideas matter, not where you come from. That is what makes Silicon Valley as good as it is.

In betting on big trends

We want to always work on ambitious things and, by definition, we will not succeed at all.

If we do, we are not being ambitious enough.

About how often he meets Larry Page and Sergey Brin

I see them every week. And they have not changed at all. They are always putting pressure on me and everyone else to make sure we are working on really ambitious things so we can make a difference for users. They help me to do my job well, my exchanges with them are always a big part of how I think about what to do. I value it a lot.

On the digital impulse of the Indian government through demonetization

This country (from India) has the opportunity to overcome some things that other countries have struggled with. We are doing it with cell phones instead of landlines. Similarly, in digital payments, the UPI stack in India is phenomenal.