Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka update, December 4: Roshni leaves Aman's house

The last episode of Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka starts with Dadi asking A man what are you doing. Parveen stops Dadi and says that A man is doing the right thing. Parveen asks Dadi how can she still defend Roshni after all this

A man holds Roshni ’s hand and takes her out of the house. A man tells Roshni that his mother used to tell him that a girl like her can do anything for money. He says that back in his childhood a similar woman took his father away.

A man tells her that she disappointed him and a woman like her deserves Sameer. He asks her to go away from this house and away from their lives. Roshni tells A man that this world is full of liars and asks him to listen to his heart.

She asks A man to keep his hatred aside for once and then he will be able to see the truth. A man asks her how can he ignore whatever he has heard. Roshni says the way she did.

Roshni tells him that he married her for his need, threw her out of the window and even said that she is not worthy of him but despite all this she still trusted him. A man says that he is listening to his heart and that is why he knows she is not worthy of this family.

When Roshni is leaving the house, A man tells her that they never had any connection between them. Roshni tells A man that from now she will never trouble him again.

Later, Saima and Aftaab marry and Sameer celebrates his victory.

Roshni reaches home and tells her mother that everything is over between her and A man .