Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Update, December 3: a thief steals Bhide's scooter and decides to leave Bapu Ji in a deserted place

In the last episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah , Bhide Question Madhavi for the keys of Sakharam, his scooter. She Question him where he is going with Chacha Ji . He tells her Chacha Ji have to meet his friend. Madhavi tries to dissuade them from going since Chacha Ji isn't able to see anything properly without his spectacles. However Chacha Ji remains adamant.

Bhide Question Madhavi to accompany them but she tells him they have someone coming over for achaar-papad. She throws the keys from the balcony. Abdul catches hold of them and gives it to Bhide . Even he objects to taking Chacha Ji in this condition. But Bhide tries to make him understand that it's not what he wants either. Bhide Question Abdul to join them. The latter tells him to wait for 15 minutes as he his delivery truck is about to arrive.

Bapu Ji gets impatient and Question Bhide to take him. But before they can leave, Dr Hathi comes in the compound. He advises Bhide not to take Chacha Ji . This makes the latter so furious that he yells in the compound that he has to go and meet his friend. Bhide Question Dr Hathi to give them company and he agrees. But as soon as he sits Bhide falls from his seat. Hence, Dr Hathi has to get off.

Bhide and Chacha Ji then leave the compound. The former worries about Chacha Ji 's safety. Chacha Ji tries to say something to Bhide , but then the latter tells him, he'd have to stop his scooter as he can't hear due to the traffic and helmet. Chacha Ji Question him to continue. While they are on the way, Bhide spots a roadside sale of umbrellas at a discounted rate. He tells Chacha Ji he wants to buy one.

Chacha Ji Question him to go and buy three for him as well. Bhide parks the scooter and Question Chacha Ji to come with him. The latter Ji tells him he would sit in Sakharam and not go anywhere from there. Bhide goes to see the umbrellas.

Meanwhile, a thief, who has been on the lookout to steal a motorbike, sits on Sakharam and leaves with Chacha Ji from there. He decides to leave Chacha Ji at a deserted place. After his purchase, Bhide is scared to bits as he's unable to find Sakharam and Chacha Ji. He begins to look everywhere for them.