Shimla is a volunteer for the work of the hanged man in Tihar prison; wants to hang the convicts of the Nirbhaya case

SHIMLA: After discovering that he has no executioner to hang the convicts, a Shimla The man has volunteered for the job. In a letter to the president of India, a vegetable seller said that seven years have passed and that the damned have not yet been hanged. Ravi Kumar Dalit said he doesn't want any payment for the job.

I am not offering to do this work for money, but I want to send the message to the perpetrators of such atrocious crimes that they cannot escape punishment simply because there is no executor there for the job, he said.

It is really worrying that the Tihar prison does not have an executioner to hang the convicts of the Nirbhaya case, Ravi Kumar said. He said the heinous crime committed in Hyderabad has revived once again the painful memories of the Nirbhaya case. He said those heinous crimes could only be stopped if those convicted in such cases are hanged without further delay.

Those convicted of the Nirbhaya case have been sentenced to death from the lower court to the Supreme Court, but to date the court order to hang them has not been implemented, since the Tihar jail has not been pulled. It is quite shocking that the Tihar prison, which is the largest prison in Asia, has no executioner, he said.

Ravi Kumar said he asked the President of India to give him a permanent appointment as 'jallad' (executioner) in Tihar prison so that justice could be handed over to Nirbhaya. It has been seven years since this horrible crime that shocked the entire nation was committed, but the people who subjected the innocent girl to such brutality are still alive.

I don't want any other girl to suffer as much brutality as the veterinarian in Hyderabad. If Nirbhaya's convicts had been hanged to death a few months ago, perhaps he could have acted as a deterrent to others. It really hurts to see that girls are raped. and burned alive and I want to hang those criminals, he said.

Ravi Kumar Dalit is a vegetable seller by profession, but he is known for his social service in this tourist town. Earlier this year he had contested as Independent candidate from Shimla (SC) parliamentary seat.

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