Bigg Boss 13: Shefali Bagga feels that Arhaan Khan and Rashami Desai are faking their relationship

In the last episode of big boss 13, in the midst of all ration fights and the task of captaincy, Shefali Bagga He has a conversation with Arhaan and Rashami about their relationship.

She expresses her feelings telling Arhaan to get married in the BB house. She doesn’t feel that Rashami will get married. She also tells that while he will be ready to get married in the house, Rashami won’t be ready. Arhaan tells Shefali that their wedding will be remembered in the history of big boss if they get married in the house.

Arhaan calls Rashami and asks the same thing. Rashami tells Shefali not to discuss the issue of marriage while getting nervous. Shefali asks Rashami why he didn't wear the ring. Rashami responds by saying that the ring was a larger size.

Shefali here says he feels they are faking their relationship. Rashami and Arhaan begin to address each other as a baby and say they are not faking their relationship.

After this conversation, big boss asks housemates to name two people who don’t deserve to be captains. If they unanimously come to a conclusion, they will get back their ration items. Another round of fight erupts.

Finally, Vishal and Sidharth are out of the next task of captaincy. The housemates feel relieved after recovering the food.