Vadinamma Update, November 3: Durga gives Parvathy a perverse idea

In the last episode of Vadinamma, Raghuram and his brothers have fun. Raghu says they should do a family tour from time to time. Sailu ruins her party and Laxman leaves with her. She attacks Laxman for bringing her family. She also complains that Sita and Raghu have planned to ruin their honeymoon for personal gain. This bothers Laxman. He controls his anger and promises some privacy once everything calms down.

Raghu shares his happiness with Sita. They feel that both the couples (Laxman-Sailu and Bharat- Siri) need to enjoy their honeymoon night in the same trip. Raghu mentions that Laxman sacrificed his honeymoon night for Siri and Bharat. Siri, who overhears their conversation, is moved by Laxman’s responsible gesture and Raghu and Sita’s love for them. She determines to keep them happy. They set out on sight-seeing.

On the other hand, Rajeswari is seen starving while Parvathy ignores her. Rajeswari misses Sita and Satyam, who would have taken care of her. In conversation with Durga, Parvathy sulks about Sita and Rajeswari. They think Rajeswari is an obstacle for Siri’s happy married life. Durga even suggests killing Rajeswari by the time Raghu and family return from Kodaikanal. Parvathy reprimands Durga for the foolish thought. Durga quickly covers up for her slip of the tongue.

Sailu demands Laxman to spend time with her alone. On the other hand, Raghu, Sita, Nani, Bharat and Siri hang out.