Sembaruthi Update, December 3: Akhilandeswari discovers the bitter truth about Mithra of Adithya

In the last episode of Sembaruthi , Vadivelu he gets a courier service with pictures of possible girlfriends for him. Vanaja , who doesn't want Vadivelu to get married to a pretty girl, selects some girl with average looks and insists to finalize her.

Parvathy Question Adithya if I could recover data on Miter and Nandhini from the pen drive. Adithya says he is still trying. He tries to engage her in a game.

Vadivelu observes the closeness between Parvathy and Adithya . He tells Vanaja that he got the relationship between Parvathy and Adithya and would like to help them. Vanaja says, she is aware of their relationship and wants to separate them. Vadivela advises Vanaja against the same but the latter convinces him into helping her in this case. Adithya gets some important documents recovered from the Miter ’s pen drive and heads back home with it. In the presence of Vanaja , Miter , Purushothaman and Parvathy , Adithya handovers the documents to Akhilandeswari and Question her to read it. Akhilandeswari fumes with anger learning the hidden truth about Miter .