Bigg Boss Kannada Update 7, Day 52: Raju Talakoti and Chandhan Achar enter into a verbal dispute

In the last episode of Season 7 of Bigg Boss Kannada, Bigg Boss announces the first luxury budget task of the day called 'Houdu Swamy'. Depending on the task, housemates are asked to answer the questions that Bigg Boss asks occasionally.

Later, at noon, housemates are seen spending free time in the dining room. Bhoomi asks Chaithra to imitate the character of actress Kalpana from a movie. He also asks him to talk with Vasuki representing a scene from the movie 'Sharapanjara'. Vasuki is devastated by Chaithra's behavior and asks him to leave him alone.

Bigg Boss announces a new luxury budget task like 'Shuba Laba' in which contestants are asked to balance two bottles of water on a pole. The Bhajrangi team emerges as the winners, as they manage to balance two bottles of water on the pole for ten seconds.

After this, Bigg Boss asks Prathap to solve an enigma. He also informs Prathap that he could seek help from inmates only by translating the riddle into English.

Prathap does everything possible to translate. Chaithra manages to decipher the riddle. The housemates praise her.

Bigg Boss announces his next task even more. As the task progresses, inmates become aggressive. Priyanka warns Shine to watch as he moves on the task.

In a surprising turn of events, Raju becomes angry with Chandhan and engages in a verbal dispute with him. The housemates try to solve the problem, but Chandhan doesn't pay attention to anyone.

However, when the task begins again, the contestants concentrate and give their best. In the end, the Mithai team emerges as the winners.

Later, Raksha advises Chandhan to ignore the comments made during the task, as it would affect his team.

On the other hand, Priyanka conveys his disappointment towards Chandhan to Bhoomi and Vasuki.

Bigg Boss deducts 1000 luxury budget points as the contestants damaged some of the cameras while performing the task. It also deducts another 1000 points since some of the contestants could not use their microphone.

As a penalty, Bigg Boss removes all cups and glasses provided to the contestants.

Later, Bhoomi confronts Chandhan about the incidents that occurred during the task. Chaithra intervenes and gives her version of explanation.

However, Bhoomi asks him not to interfere since she (Bhoomi) was just talking to Chandhan. But Chaithra doesn't pay attention.