Kasautii Zindagii Kay Update, December 4: Anurag feels that Prerna has a connection with her past

The episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay starts with Anurag I still think about what the nurse had said about Prerna's husband being a bad boy. He is curious to know about his past. Komolika calls him up but he disconnects the call. Komolika gets furious and behaves in a psychotic manner at home. She plans to separate Anurag and Prerna creating a crack between them.

Anurag then takes Prerna to her house from the hospital. Upon reaching home, Anurag apologises to Komolika for leaving her in such a state at home. Komolika feels happy that at least he realized she is his wife.

When Anurag meets Prerna, he asks her why doesn't she have any wedding photos or her husband's pictures in her room. To which, Prerna says that she doesn't like his pictures to be seen in the room.

Anurag is sure that Prerna is hiding her past from his and gets curious to know about it. I have notices that she always changes the topic about her husband. When Anurag reaches home, Moloy (his father) asks him about Prerna 's health. Mohini looks irritated by this but Nivedita interrupts the conversation.

Anupam then tells that they have cracked a big deal and are planning of organizing a huge party at home. Anurag then speaks to Komolika about his concern for Prerna and tells her that somewhere Prerna is connected with his past.

Komolika gets very angry to hear Anurag 's confession but she doesn't show anything. Rather, she tells him that they should try spending some more time together and become friends. At night, when Anurag is lying on his bed, he recalls the time spent with Prerna at the hospital. He thinks about the sonography, the baby's kick and feels happy about it.