Update from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, December 4: Kunal insults Mishti; Open defends it

In the last episode of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke , Open and Kunal overhear Mishti -Nannu's conversation. Open gets disheartened knowing that Mishti has moved on and is in a relationship with Nannu. Open cries as he remembers the time spent with Mishti . He harms himself as he thinks about Mishti and Nannu's bond. He reaches home and Meenakshi asks him what is bothering him. Open tells Meenakshi that he always wanted him to be alone and now she should be happy.

Open and Kunal go to meet Nannu for their business deal. Mishti hears Open 's voice and starts flirting with Nannu.

Open gets hurt seeing Mishti and Nannu together. The meeting starts and Mishti starts with her presentation and says that the app lacks something. She says that one must consider a family when it comes to love because if they do not agree then the couples get separated.

Kunal tells Mishti that a girl separates a boy from his family. Mishti and Kunal get into an argument. Kunal tells Mishti that she has no family and the latter gets hurt.

Open gets upset with Kunal as he broke Mishti 's heart. Kunal tells Open that because of Mishti his brother is suffering. Kunal gets disturbed seeing Open suffering and gets emotional.

Mishti cries her heart out and Nannu tries to make her understand. She tells Nannu that Open still loves her and cares for her. She tells Nannu that Open feels bad seeing them together.

Open gets hurt seeing Mishti and Nannu hugging each other. He goes to Mishti and apologises to her for Kunal's mistake. Nannu goes to get ice candy for Mishti while Open orders tea. Mishti chooses ice candy and Open feels sad. Mishti feels bad seeing Open upset.

Jasmeet makes Nannau's profile on social media and Varsha-Shaurya come to meet her. Varsha gets to know that Jasmeet is making a profile for Nannu on a marriage website. She makes Jasmeet understand that she should first talk to Nannu and then decide. Varsha tells Jasmeet to talk to Mishti and asks her if Nannu has someone in his life.